The Mobile Group Home is located in Alabama’s Gulf Coast region in Mobile.  The facility serves up to thirteen adjudicated males between the ages of fourteen and eighteen who have been court-committed to the Department of Youth Services.  The program provides residents the opportunity to utilize and demonstrate positive behavior and skills in a less structured community based environment prior to returning home.

Individual and group counseling activities address a variety of life skills including job seeking/maintenance training, decision making skills, goals planning, assertiveness training, and other basic services important to positive youth development.  Residents attend public schools, day treatment programs, or GED preparatory classes within the community. Some opportunities for employment are also available. Local resource providers for specialized services include mental health counseling, primary health services, Job Corps referrals, and Armed Services recruitment.

Services are provided for low-risk youth who are received either directly from Juvenile Courts for the regular program placement or transferred for release transition from other DYS facilities.  Placement length of stay ranges from four to six months with release contingent upon substantial completion of an Individual Service Plan (ISP)