L. B. Wallace School


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Mt. Meigs Campus Alabama Department of Youth Services

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Physical Address :
1000 Industrial School Road
Montgomery, AL 36057

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P.O. Box 66
Montgomery, AL 36057

The Alabama State Department of Education provides educational services to adjudicated youth through the Alabama Department of Youth Services (DYS), School District 210.  Students housed at the Mt. Meigs Campus attend L. B. Wallace School.

The mission of L. B. Wallace School is to meet the unique educational needs of individual students in order for them to make the transition from DYS to the community as law-abiding citizens.  To obtain this goal, the school offers a variety of educational programs, including elementary through high school classes, special education services, remediation classes, Career Tech Programs, General Educational Development (GED) preparation classes, and distance learning classes.  Ensuring an appropriate education to each individual while also providing a safe learning environment, L. B. Wallace School consists of: a principal, an assistant principal, a secretary, 30 state certified instructional personnel, a media specialist, a guidance counselor, two psychometrists, and two security officers. 

Upon arrival on campus, students’ educational records are requested.  Records are reviewed by the aforementioned faculty and compared to initial DYS screening.  Each student is placed in a suitable educational program based on this information.  

Students are expected to work toward a goal to achieve the highest possible level of education.  These expectations range from progressing from elementary through high school to obtain a High School Diploma, a GED, an Occupational Diploma, or completion of an Individualized Education Program.  There are seven areas in which students may achieve Career Technical certifications.  Students are also afforded the opportunity to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and meet with military personnel.

In addition to traditional educational programs, students receive treatment through participation in therapy sessions, the Chemical Addiction Program and the Accountability Based Sex Offender Program.  Educators work hand in hand with therapeutic staff in an effort to guide each student toward a positive, goal oriented life.

L. B. Wallace School is proud of its accreditation9 with the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Correctional Education Association.