Special Operations

Special Investigations

Special Investigations is responsible for gathering reported information and analyzing evidence to identify criminal, legal, DYS Policy and State of Alabama work rules violations.  The unit reviews video surveillance and uses witness interviews to investigate potential matters.  The unit works diligently to retain confidential case files in the event the evidence found warrants preparation for prosecution.  This unit is also responsible for conducting all DYS employee background checks. 

Screening and Placement

The Alabama Department of Youth Service’s (DYS) Office of Screening and Placement is responsible for the screening and placement of committed youth. Youth considered for placement must have a valid court order of commitment. Functions associated with the screening and placement of committed youth include, but are not limited to maintaining the Department’s classification system, Risk and Need Assessments, and the Interstate Compact on Juveniles which operates out of the Office of Screening and Placement. It is the goal of the Office of Screening and Placement to consider the individualized factors associated with each youth’s social, educational, delinquency, medical, and behavioral health history, as well as assessment of risk and needs in considering placement selections. The ultimate goal is to place the right youth in the right program for the right length of time

Training and Staff Development


The DYS Office of Training and Staff Development is responsible for the coordination and implementation of DYS employee training.  The Office of Training and Staff Development provides a series of formal, planned activities which are instructional and experiential in nature and are developed for the purpose of conveying course content. It is the intention of the agency to ensure employees receive the training necessary to achieve development of skills and abilities related to their job duties.  It is also important for employees to receive training that will enable individual growth in their own discipline and the department overall.

Special Operations Staff