DYS Employment

The Alabama Department Youth Services (DYS) thanks you for your interest in seeking employment opportunities with us. At DYS, we are committed to finding enthusiastic individuals with a passion for helping our students become law abiding, productive members of society. If you believe a career in juvenile justice is in your future, we may have several opportunities for you to consider.

DYS Job openings

Youth Services Aide (60801)

Salary: $34,048.80 -$45,758.40

Youth Services Senior Aide (60805)

Salary: $35,793.60-$48,048.00

Youth Services Security Officer (60609)

Salary: $35,793.60-$51,727.20

Security Guard I (60611)

Salary: $26,623.20- $44,664.00

Youth Services Team Coordinator (60808)

Salary: $37,612.80-$54,290.40

Youth Services Team Leader (60811)

Salary: $39,484.80-$61,377.60

Youth Services Specialist (60820)

Salary: $38,541.60 -$71,083.20

Youth Services Program Specialist (60822)

Salary: $46,900.80 – $78,549.60

Mt. Meigs Campus

1000 Industrial School Road
Montgomery, AL 36057
1-(334) 215-3800

Vacca Campus

8950 Roebuck Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35206
1-(205) 838-4900

State Benefits

Holiday / Leave

Employees earn annual leave at the rate of four hours and twenty minutes (4.20) per pay period initially. It increases every five years up to a maximum earned per pay period of nine hours and forty-five minutes (9.45). Sick leave is unchanging and is earned at the rate of four hours and twenty minutes (4.20) per pay period. We offer thirteen (13) paid holidays per year – twelve regular holidays plus one personal day to be taken at your discretion (except Baldwin and Mobile counties who receive Mardi Gras Day) as a paid holiday.

Other benefits

After five (5) years of service, employees are eligible for a longevity bonus to be paid each December. The amount starts at $600 and increases every five (5) years to a maximum of $1,000. Employees are also eligible to join institutions like the State Employees Credit Union and the Alabama State Employees Association.