Community Services

General Information

The Community Services Division at DYS is responsible for the development and support of community based services through monitoring private provider contracts and licensing of all juvenile facilities (detention centers, group homes and other residential facilities).  This division is also responsible for PREA certification and compliance of community residential programs, federal programs monitoring, participation in Multi-Needs Facilitation teams, and monitoring diversion programs (residential, educational, and community based). The Community Services Division works together with the DYS Institutional Services Division to provide options for the placement needs of all DYS youth.


” Helping Our Youth Stay in the Community “

Residential Contract Services and Community Based Diversion Programs

Residential Contract Providers

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Detention CenterS

DYS provides annual licensure of Detention Centers and a subsidy for each county through a line item in the DYS General Fund budget.  Funding is allocated based on a formula developed by the Legislature in 2015 (see ACT 2015-540).

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Federal Programs

The Federal Programs staff provides oversight, training, and technical assistance to contract providers who utilize the Alabama Medicaid Rehabilitative Services option through DYS. DYS also provides Targeted Case Management Services (TCM) through a contract with Troy University that is supervised by the DYS Director of Federal Programs. Together with the Federal programs staff, the Federal Programs Office works with DYS approved Medicaid providers to assist Medicaid eligible recipients in gaining access to needed medical and rehabilitative services. Targeted Case Managers assess for needs, case plan, arrange for services, and monitor for services provided in the youth’s Plan of Care. The DYS Federal Programs Office also works with Alabama Medicaid to revise and update the Medicaid’s State Plan Amendment (SPA) and the Contract Service Delivery Manual, which regulate the provision of services.

Licensing & Standards General Information

DYS is the licensing agent for justice involved residential programs and follows American Correctional Association (ACA) Standards when approving facilities for licensure. There are currently 62 licensed programs in the state which adhere to ACA standards in the development of policy and practices. Categories monitored include: Contract Providers, Detention Facilities, Short-term Detention, Residential Facilities, Day Treatment Programs and Outdoor Adventure Treatment Programs. The DYS annual licensing audit will evaluate compliance with the various standards as they appear in the publication and periodic supplements published by ACA. Candidates for licensure will need to purchase the appropriate publication directly from the ACA website in order to prepare for an audit.


All licensed detention centers in Alabama are now PREA certified. Our residential facilities and all licensed training schools have also passed the PREA audits conducted. We are pleased to report that PREA compliance is observed and prioritized all across our state.